Lady Gaga highlights Princes Diana once again in a track

WEB DESK: The singer and actress Lady Gaga come with another songs calling Prince Diana ‘just another dead blone’. 

The lyrics are about eating disorders and suicide in a song. According to, Gaga had made a slur about Princes Diana in a track ‘Prince Die’ back in 2013.

However, over that controversy, the singer responded to critics by saying,“The People’s Princess was mine and my mum’s hero when I was growing up.”

Also, she made headlines after communicating with the eldest son on late Princes Diana, Prince William to talk on a Mental Health awareness campaign.

An unfortunate car accident back in 1997 in Paris killed beautiful late Princes Diana of Wales. Her death was surely a bitter truth for the people who love her.

Here is ‘Prince Die’ by Lady Gaga (2013).

Video Courtesy: Youtube