India approves recruitment of 10,000 killers in SPOs’ name in IoK

ISLAMABAD : Indian government has approved the recruitment of over 10,000 killers in the name of Special Police Officers (SPOs) to deal with the ongoing mass uprising in Indian occupied Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, this has been revealed in the annual report released by the Indian Home Ministry. The report said the Indian government had accorded sanction to the appointment of 10,000 SPOs
in the wake of “latest law and order disturbances in the state and has applauded the role of SPOs”.

The ministry also reimbursed to the puppet regime record Rs750 crore expenditures incurred on suppressing the popular uprising during 2016 in the territory.

A senior police officer told media men that during the financial year 2015-16, the expenditure was less than Rs 250 crore.

In fact, last year’s expenditure nearly equals the total spending of 1082.37 crore from 1989 till 2016.
Some of the heads where money was spent include expenditure on carriage of constabulary, material supplies, rent of accommodation, honorarium to Special Police Officers, civic action programmes, airlift charges, raising cost of India Reserve Battalions, transport, boarding and lodging, alternate accommodation for forces, the report added.

The appointment of SPS is being seen by Kashmiri resistance leadership as an Indian conspiracy to pitch Kashmiris against Kashmiris.-APP