Here’s why we all sneeze so differently ?

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WEB DESK: Ever wonder why everyone sneezes so differently, some louder, some making weird faces etc? Though the natural sneeze formation into a human body is similar for everyone but how its sound diverse ? 

Moreover, it depends on how the air is entering into your nose and mouth and the sound usually impact by the size of nostrils, this is the basic concept. Also, the people with larger lungs sneeze louder than the others. Whereas, sneezing multiple times means clearing out all the irritant is not possible for them in single sneeze.

However, after a study Benadryl Sneeze Analysis done on 500 participants, it was figured out that there are four different types of sneezes highlighting what a person is all about.

The Nice or Sensitive Sneezer

A person with such sort of sneeze usually avoids conflicts and unneccesary arguments and has a nurturing nature.

The Be Right Sneezer

Covering mouth while sneezing more carefully compared to others, this person is a very careful person who prefers to spend time on thinking before saying anything.

-Today I Found Out

-Today I Found Out

The Get It Done Sneezer

Holding sneeze then let it out loudly, this person is active and efficient and performing any task before deadline is his priority.

The Enthusiastic Sneezer 

This person makes sure everybody’s attentive while he’s sneezing and it is said that he or she is a charismatic one. He sneezes in funny sound which mean he does not afraid to open up about how he feels.

Source: Reader’s Digest