Here’s a solution to save world from plastic waste!!!

WEB DESK: After drinking water straight from bottle we through it away without knowing that such an act could cause danger to the world we are living in. 

Therefore, such plastic waste is damaging the world slowly and we need to move towards safer options. Also, to save planet earth from such sort of wastes, scientists and inventors are working tirelessly. They are looking forward to create greener ideas.

Talking about plastic waste which is largely caused by bottles as around 1 billion plastic bottles reaches to ocean each year and it is alarming as it may destroy sea life.

Hence, A company based in UK has created a unique alternative to these bottles. This product is called blob of water. Since the plan was to generate something that does not harm world in anyway, it was designed with seaweed extract which is also cheaper than plastic in terms of manufacturing.

Further details are given in the video:

Video Courtesy: Business Insider UK