Here’s a secret about Alia Bhatt

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WEB DESK: Alia Bhatt, an actress who gave super hits right after her first movie Student of the Year, and like other we have assumed, she would have known how to tackle pre and post release happenings too.  

The Dear Zindagi actress, spoke to HT Cafe and revealed that she gets nervous and worried before the release of her movies.

Learnt to live with it.” She said to HT Cafe, “Honestly, the first 20 days are the best part of promotions. You are so busy that you don’t have the time to think. So, nothing goes through the mind. Whatever goes through my mind happens three to four days before a film’s release. That’s the time when you start getting worried and nervous.”

The versatile actress further stated that after all those good compliments, you hope not to disappoint fans, “And if that’s not the case, you hope that you are able to get them to do that. So, you go through all these little things. No matter what, I have realised that you are always nervous on the first day of the shoot. It’s nerve-wracking and the release day is the double of that. Now, I’ve learnt to live with it”.



Here she also recalled a sweet memory of Shah Rukh Khan and she added, “I remember when Dear Zindagi was going to be released, Shah Rukh messaged me (before he left for the US to meet his son Aryan) saying, ‘I know what it is like when a film releases. The actor tends to feel alone because once the film releases, the buzz has gone and suddenly, you feel blank.’ And it was lovely because unknowingly, someone understood it so beautifully. Then, I realised that it’s not just me; everyone else feels the same.”

Bhatt being more honest revealed her inner feelings and voice as she said, “It’s like you are giving your film to the audiences. You go through these little feelings. And who doesn’t like to be praised? Tomorrow, if I meet a random woman at the airport and if she tells me how much she loved my work in my film, I will feel very blessed“.

Source: DNA India