A giant city to be built in China

WEB DESK: According to local media, China is building a city which is three times bigger than New York. 

The plan was revealed by ruling Communist Party for Xiongan New Area. The area located at 62 miles south of Beijing. The properties which are under construction have already sold out as buyers rushed towards the site. They stayed for longer hours outside offices of property agents.

According to China Daily, President Xi said regarding project, “Priority should be given to developing an area to pool noncapital functions that will be shifted from Beijing. He has ordered that a modern urban district be built at a suitable location in Hebei, guided by new development concepts.”

According to Bloomberg, an analysts at Jefferies Group, Howard Lau here adds, “The collaborative development of the three regions is intended to solve problems like overpopulation and traffic congestion in Beijing.”

Watch video here:

Video Courtesy: New China TV