WWE confirms Roman Reigns’ WM 33 match and fans are not taking it kindly


With WrestleMania 33 just around the corner WWE has finally confirmed a match that was pretty much predictable for every wrestling fan.

The Undertaker and Roman Reigns are set to lock up on April 2 in Orlando, Florida, and the WWE finally made the long-standing rumor a reality with a Tweet.

And believe us after this announcement, the Fans went berserk and immediately slammed the official WWE Twitter account with reactions, and it seems most aren’t thrilled.

The news shouldn’t have surprised anyone who has been watching the road to WrestleMania, but putting it in front of everyone’s face only re-opened the wounds.

Fans bombarded the WWE account with GIF reactions to make sure their frustration was not only read, but seen clearly with an assortment of hilarious clips.

The fans not only disapprove the Roman Reigns going against a veteran like Taker but they also gainsaid the universal title match between the Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

This is a fact that most hardworking guys in the company will not be feature in a convincing story line for WrestleMania.

Even the official poster shows Vince’s craving for big guys like Lesnar, Goldberg and Roman Reigns. However a fan made his own WrestleMania 33 poster which is considerably the best thing that could come out from a real wrestling fan.

Roman Reigns is not a bad wrestler but considering the amount of nonsense push he is getting after breaking up from The Shield he gets heavily booed out of every arena days in and days out. WWE is pushing him so hard to make another John Cena but fans on the other hand are becoming more critical of him.   

Especially when fans were praying for Taker to face the likes of Cena and Sting this year.

Things will get worst for Roman if he wins against Taker cleanly. WWE needs turn him heel, which according to prominent news sources will not happen any time soon especially when Vince is in-charge. 

Lets hope that WrestleMania 33 turns out to be a good event for RAW programming considering the backlash they faced after FastLane, one of the most boring PPV’s of 2017.