World’s first flying car-drone launched

-File photo -Pakistantoday

WEB DESK: To ease traffic blockade in crowded mega cities around world, Italdesign and Airbus unveiled Pop.Up which is the first electric modular, with concept of zero emission, during 87th Geneva International Show. 

The Pop.Up predicts a modular system for multi-modal transportation both on ground and airspace. This initiative is an outcome of Italdesign and Airbus combine effort to address the challenges of mobility in bigger cities which has become an issue for commuters of giant cities around the globe.

It is expected that these traffic blockade may increase by 2030, the companies have brain stormed their engineering expertise to tackle such major problem and came up with the idea of Pop.UP.

The idea has three different different layers of concept:

1- It is an imitated intelligence platform which is based on knowledge of a user, controls hurdle by offering diverse usage scenarios and confirms a firm experience of travel.

2- It is made as a passenger capsule that is designed with two different and separate electric propelled modules i.e. ground and air module.

3- The concept will have ability to make dialogues with commuters in a virtual environment.



Moreover, the system is designed to enable users with flexible and effective new way of traveling within cities. Plus, the Pop.Up vehicle is like a small two seats car with ease and speed of a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) air vehicle, hence it is combining aerospace and automotive domains.

Lastly, the Pop.UP is user friendly, commuters can book their trip according to their plan via an app, easy touse. The system then enables them with better solution of transport, depending on, timing, traffic blockade, user knowledge, and costs, joining about ground or air or even transportation to the commuters capsule along with their preferences.

The capsule is monocoque carbon-fibre cocoon, high in tech, and 2.6 metres long, 1.4 metres high, and 1.5 metres wide.

Note: the article was originally published on pakistantoday