Use this simple self healing trick to get rid of emotional and physical pain

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People often deal with physical and emotional pain by taking medicines. Yes, medications are helpful, but do you know that there are also simple ways to get rid of it?

There’s actually an alternative medicine to relieve those pains, and it’s through massaging certain parts of the body. Osteopathy is the way physician used to treat, detect and prevent health problems by moving a patient’s body.

You too can use that way on your own as long as it’s safe for you. Pain expert with Masters of Science in Osteopathy, Vicky Vlachoni will teach how to get rid of emotional and physical pain by finding a trigger point on your body. In this video, she will help you locate which part of your body you are going to move to ease those pains.

Watch the video below.

Video Courtesy: Vicky Vlachonis