The time when Salman slapped filmmaker Subhash Ghai

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Salman Khan and filmmaker Subhash Ghai’s share a rich history, from fighting to disgustingly peeing on each other to finally burying the hatches and doing a film together.

It all started back in 2001, when the duo got into a terrible fight. The ending saw Salman slapping the filmmaker.

According to BollywoodBubble, Salman in an interview to a leading daily on Sept 18, 2002, while answering to allegations of hitting his girlfriend of that time Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said,

 “No. I have never beaten her. Anyone can beat me up. Any fighter here on the sets can thrash me. That is why people are not scared of me. I do get emotional. Then I hurt myself. I have banged my head against the wall; I have hurt myself all over. I cannot hurt anyone else. I have only hit Subhash Ghai. Yet, I apologized to him the next day.”

He further added,

 “There are times when you do get out of control. That person hit me with a spoon, almost broke a plate on my face, pissed on my shoes and grabbed me by the neck. I could not control myself. And see what happened. Next day, I had to go and apologize.”

Ghai In a write up much later stated that,

“It was very embarrassing for me that night and I came back home completely depressed. Next morning I got a call from Salim sahib who paid his respect to me by apologizing and sent Salman to my home within one hour. Salman came and stood in front of me like a guilty child. I smiled and asked him, ‘What happened to you last night ?’ and he said, ‘I have come here because my father told me to do so.’ I said, ‘So you are not sorry?’ and he replied, ‘Of course I am.’ That’s how we broke the ice.”

Ever since then the duo has been highly supportive of each other through all the ups and downs.