Six breath taking yet mysterious historical monuments

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WEB DESK: The world is full of astonishing stuff. If look at history there were knights, scientist, writers, physicians and what not and they were the ones who presented the idea of everything then later generations made them advance. Their work is no doubt praise worthy. Also, the people from thousands of years ago made monuments which are absolutely mysterious in terms of what was the idea behind? which monument made by which nation and why? Did they possessed some secret ?etc. Here are six of them:

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

-© Volodymyr Martyniuk   ©

-© Volodymyr Martyniuk ©

The mysterious statue in the middle of dessert is surely a giant mystery of all time. The mind gets astonished that who even gave the idea to make it in the middle of dessert. Also, rooms have been found inside the giant as well.

Timbuktu, Mali

-©Attila JANDI   ©

-©Attila JANDI ©

The people who love adventures are fascinated by the exceptional architecture of mosques and these are indeed best work from the past.

Terracotta Army, China

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-©Bule Sky Studio ©

You may have seen many armies around the world but this mausoleum Qin Shi Haung keeps statues of Chinese warriors and horses which were made by hands. The total warriors and their horses are more than 8000.

Petra, Jordan

-©Pocholo Calapre   ©

-©Pocholo Calapre ©

This brilliant piece definitely took huge time to build and its carvers must had shown immense patience too. This monumental ‘nest’ is hidden in rocks at 900 meters above the sea level.

Baalbek, Lebanon

©Anton_Ivanov   ©

©Anton_Ivanov ©

This piece from history is a pearl left in ruins of a city which was very prosperous once. But the most mysterious thing about it that who had installed such giant stone blocks lie on the bottom as Romans surely did not have any such technology back then.

Stonehenge, England

-©Freesally   ©

-©Freesally ©

It is said that this stone complex was built by the magician Merlin. Also, anyone can lost in thoughts when they realize how these heavy boulders reached there and what was the idea behind its construction?