PARTLY FACETIOUS: Why PM never slept overnight in Karachi before?

“First Karachi and now Hyderabad.”
“Yep, and for all you fake analysts talking about Mian sahib-Zardari muk mukaa (deal) where the two do not seek votes where the other holds sway…”

“That doesn’t hold for election time my friend. Without Punjab Zardari sahib cannot hope to get power in the centre so I don’t think he would have agreed to such a deal.”

“But Mian sahib never ever went to Sindh, why he never slept overnight in Karachi before…”

“Two things: first, Mian sahib likes to announce packages when he addresses a crowd and unless he is the Prime Minister controlling our tax rupees, he cannot announce a package for a province where his party does not form a government. And second, with a nawala in the Governor’s House – defined as someone who caters to every need of the Prime Minister and anticipates his wishes well before Mian sahib even thinks of one…”

“Legal needs, spin needs…”

“Yes, but I would like to advise Mian sahib here – he really needs to hire experts if you know what I mean, he needs a good lawyer before making statements or allowing his children to make statements cause that, Alhamdulliah, is the root of problem rather than relying on a nawala handyman defied as a jack of all trades and master of none.”

“Jack? I mean that’s not a Muslim name…”

“How about Khawaja of all trade…”

“Nope, that’s not a name as such and…”

“OK, Asif of all trade…”

“That poor guy is in trouble in the two ministries he heads – governance in the power ministry is appalling and the armed forces barely extend courtesy to him…”

“Nisar of all trades?”

“No, Chaudhry sahib is not a darbari (courtier), even The Khan acknowledged that.”

“Dar of all trades?”

“Now that is more like it.”-Business Recorder