Kill cockroaches and mosquitoes with this simple remedy

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WEB DESK: Any insect whether cockroaches or mosquitoes are equally irritating. These insects are extremely terrifying and yet dangerous because they can cause various infections. 

In summers, these insects appear more often and a home simple can become hell in their presence. However, there are many products available in markets but not all are actually useful.

Keeping this problem in mind, we have found a homemade remedy to deal with it which is given below:


Half cup of vegetable oil

Half a cup of shampoo

Half a cup of vinegar

Preparation and usage 

Put all these ingredients in a spray bottle and mix them really well. Now, spray carefully in your entire house and in garden. Repeat this method everyday or every other day to get positive results. The insects will disappear and your home will be free from mosquitoes and cockroaches.