Is this famous Pakistani couple heading for divorce?


Shorter marriage spans are trending right now in Pakistans media industry. Famous Pakistani actress Jana Malik, most recently seen in drama Mor Mahal, married singer Nauman Javed in September last year; the couple was seen in a lot of morning shows together telling their sweet love story which unfortunately went sour.

Nauman Javed was earlier married to Fariha Pervez but that marriage didnt work out well either and even led Nauman to severe depression and a suicidal attempt. According to the singer, Jana played a great role helping Nauman combating the depression and bringing him back to life and happiness.

The marriage that started with the happy note turned complicated within no time as the fights and lack of understanding started playing part in it.

According to Dunya News, Jana Malik and Nauman Javed decided to end up their six-month-long marriage mutually. The real reason behind this separation is still not revealed but it has been said that this time Nauman decided to end this matrimony whilst filing for divorce in Lahore.

The couple was living separately for quite some time now, with Jana moving out to her parents house, the people close to the couple are still trying for reconciliation and hoping for their reunion.

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