Here’s who Kapil Sharma would kill, marry and hook-up with

-File photo -FilmiBeat

The new face of comedy Kapil Sharma recently graced ‘Coffee with Karan’ (KWK).

One can imagine the laughter gauge broken when Sharma and Karan run a show together.

When asked about his crush, Kapil’s immediately answer Deepika Padukone, adding that its always a pleasure to have Deepika on his show.

During the rapid fire round Karan asked Kapil the infamous Kill, Marry and Hook Up question. Kapil was given 3 options which included Deepika, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

Obviously Kapil picked Deepika to marry, however he opted to kill Priyanka because of her international fame and filming romantic scene with foreigners.

Last but not least Kapil choose to hook up with Kat.