Here is how to trick your body

WEB DESK: Your body indicates if you are in state of disturbance. It is either your getting sick or it is tiredness from daily routine.

However, you need medical consultation to get back on track. And the most annoying thing in all this scenario is taking medicines on different timings throughout the day.

Most of the time, people turn to self medication while in some cases people go straight to their doctor, but in both cases, taking pills are necessary.

Furthermore, very few people actually knows that you can treat yourself by tricking your body.

This is not any joke, whether you are suffering from toothache or you are dealing with blocked nose, there are these easy and quick tricks available that can help in easing pain.

Here is the video packed with simple yet surprisingly effective tricks:

Source: the above video was taken from Bright Side and it is for information only, in case of any emergency please consult to your physician.