Grow these effective plants to naturally repel mosquitoes

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It turns out that mosquitoes, along with many biting insects, are attracted to certain odors in human skin, especially attracted to the body secretions (sweating), you can expect to have more mosquito following you around.

Alternately certain strong—or unpleasant to the bug—smells can both hide your scent and dissuade them from getting close enough to bite you.

There are new DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide)-free mosquito repellents on the market today which offer some relief to those venturing outdoors in mosquito season. But there are also certain plants which are easy to grow and will have some effect in repelling mosquitoes from areas of your home and garden.

4-15-06 potted lemon balm close up

This member of the mint family has white flowers and a gentle lemony scent, as well as some healing properties. It’s particularly good at keeping biting insects away, but it’s also an invasive species, so be careful when growing it.


A 2009 study showed that the essential oil from this delicious staple from your indoor herb garden is toxic to mosquito larvae.


One of the 7 Cool Things We Never Knew Lavender Could Do is repel flying insects like mosquitoes, moths, and flies. The flower’s perfume is well-known, and while it will scent the air, it’s still most effective when actually rubbed on skin.