Five vitamins that helps in hair growth

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WEB DESK: Vitamins are great source to cure many health issues. Besides, skin and nails, there are some vitamins which can be helpful in growing hair. Here are six extremely beneficial vitamins for hair given below:
Vitamin D
The body has ability to convert sunlight into vitamin D naturally and it is an essential vitamin for bones, however, it can improve normal cycle of hair growth.
It is considered as a most effective vitamin of B family as it is fruitful for healthy vision, bones, intestines and brain function. Also, medical research suggests that it is a great source to improve hair health and daily dose of it can be helpful in less hair loss issues.
Vitamin E
It is often linked with suitable for healthy skin and it usually treats other natural processes as well. It can cure health in general. Vitamin E enables blood to circulate appropriately and it is also beneficial for hair growth.


Vitamin A
Vitamin A cannot only treats eye-sight but it functions well for hair as well. It produces a substance called sebum, a oily one which prevents hair dryness and breakage. However, do not take it excessively as it may get harmful. Plus, carrots are the good source of vitamin A too.
Vitamin B7 
It is known for production of fatty acids and cell devlopment which are essential for hair growth. It works fine with other B vitamins.
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