Five makeup but no-makeup tricks to look naturally gorgeous

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WEB DESK: “Makeup” but no “Makeup” may sounds bizarre but it is actually a trend now and can make ladies look extremely gorgeous. It is a very natural kind of makeup that go well with daily casual outfit and if it is done properly you can rock it with formal outfits as well. 

Exfoliation and Hydration 

-The Health Orange

-The Health Orange

A naturally glowing skin is so gorgeous that it does not require any makeup. So, start with exfoliation and clear off all the dead skin. It will leave your skin smooth and glowing. After this, never forget to hydrate. The no-makeup look is all about heavily hydrated look. Apply soft moisturizer like rose water at the beginning and then apply the regular one.


Swap foundation with primer

-Reader's Digest

-Reader’s Digest

The traditional foundation is basically heavy as it is designed to cover any imperfections. It gives fake look which is not suitable for no-makeup hence use primer on face and cover any dark spots with concealer (if you have any).




Your eye-brows should look sisters not twins, says many makeup experts which is true. Properly made eye-brows impacts you over all makeup look. Therefore, get your eye-brow job done right after foundation.

Blending and tools

Since we talking about no-makeup look, any flaw, even the slightest can ruin it. Thus, blending is the key, switch your makeup brushes with beauty blenders as it will blend in a very smooth way and gives a flawless finish. To pull out any makeup look flawlessly, it is essential to blend it till the point where is looks natural.

Bronze and highlighter 

-The Beauty Collection

-The Beauty Collection

The bronze and highlighter is necessary to add warmth and healthy glow to your face. You need to apply bronzer on cheek bones, jaw, temples and side of your nose, blend it carefully and well. Apply highlight to highlight your face and finish your no-make up look with your favorite lipstick.