Does nepotism really exit in Bollywood?

WEB DESK: Recently, the ‘nepotism’ became a ‘hot topic’ after Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar’s arguments. The question is do actor or actresses get favors from relative stars or friends? or they got work on the basis of their talents and skills? 

The Neerja actress, Sonam Kapoor was asked reportedly about the Kangana’s statement that whether the nepotism exits in B-town or not? The actress answered that she is unaware of what she was going through but Miss Ranaut said too much and it was entertaining.

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On listening to entire scenario, Kapoor said, “I wish. I have done only one film with him (Karan Johar).”

-DNA India

-DNA India

The Bollywood’s versatile actress has given her answer, now it depends on audience to decide whether the Ranaut’s comments were true or not.

Note: the story was originally published on bollywoodbubble