Do you want to loose some weight ? Here is a cucumber diet for you

WEB DESK: A lot of people stressed on being over weight they try different remedies, diet plans, yoga and exercises etc but they do not always get the desired results. 

It is always suggested to change entire life style if you want the long lasting results which include clean eating and omitting junk and carbs loaded food. The experts also advised to increase vegetables and fruits in daily routine.

However, we have found a special diet, quick and easy with just one major vegetable ‘cucumber’ to loose weight. Cucumbers are beneficial for health due to higher amount of water in them. This vegetable is suitable for skin as well.

Besides this, the diet plan given in the video is a healthy way to loose those annoying and stubborn extra pounds, have a look.

Note: Above video was taken from Demic, it is for information only. Please consult to your doctor before trying this diet plan.