Disney’s lucrative live-action production line rolls on

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\LOS ANGELES: In the early 1990s, Disney began scouring its back catalog for animated classics that it could turn into live-action remakes — a strategy that has so far netted almost $4 billion.
The latest offering, “Beauty and the Beast,” hits theaters on Friday and has already broken pre-release sales records, with hopes high that it will be one of the largest-grossing movies of the year.
Here is a list of the company’s big-screen live-action remakes — which doesn’t include straight-to-video releases or sequels of remakes, such as last year’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” — the original film, and their total box office take.

“Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book” — 1994
(based on “The Jungle Book” – 1967)
$43.2 million

“101 Dalmatians” – 1996
(based on “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” – 1961)
$320 million

“Alice in Wonderland” – 2010
(based on “Alice in Wonderland” – 1951)
$1.0 billion

“Maleficent” – 2014
(based on “Sleeping Beauty” – 1959)

$759 million “Cinderella” – 2015
(based on “Cinderella” – 1950)
$544 million”The Jungle Book” – 2016
(based on “The Jungle Book” – 1967)
$967 million”Pete’s Dragon” – 2016
(based on “Pete’s Dragon” – 1977)
$144 millionSource: BoxOfficeMojo.com