World’s first rotating skyscraper to be built in Dubai by 2020

-File photo Proposed back in 2008 by architect David Fisher, the tower aims to be 420m tall, which would make it the second tallest building in Dubai, as well as the second tallest residential tower in the world behind New York’s 432 Park Avenue (which stands at 425.5m).

WEB DESK: Back in 2008, the architect David Fisher generate the idea of Dynamic Tower which is 420 metre, 80-floor, a rotating skyscraper. 

Moreover, the Dynamic Group has confirmed that the structure will be completed by 2020, a News agency, What’s on, claimed.

Also, each floor of the building will be made in a way that it will rotate independently (maximum of 6 meters per minute). The shape of the tower will change as it will rotate. It is noteworthy that the wind turbines and solar panels will transfer power to the rotating tower. Fisher further added that these turbines and solar panels can generate up to 1,200,00 kilowatt-hours of energy.

Here is the video of jaw-dropping Dynamic Tower.