Partly Facetious: Every Baig still member of PML-N…

“I am so sorry for you, heard that you were ejected from the inner core of the PML-N… you really must learn to toe the line – second-tier politicians in this country, and that defines all but the First Family in most major political parties, especially those that are more than a few decades old, is only about swallowing your pride and toeing the line blindly and…”

“I disagree, heard Babar Awan can’t get an audience with Zardari sahib but he remains a Senator on the PPP ticket, and Enver Baig is still a member of the PML-N and I myself heard him say on television that he can’t defend the First Family with respect to the Panama Papers.”

“Yes, but I never did what these two did!”

“You did much worse. You compared the Brothers Sharif and you referred to the Junior Sharif’s loyalists as Royal Bites (shahi tukras) while you referred to Mian sahib’s loyalists simply as bites (Nawalas). That’s a generic term if I ever heard one….”

“But Mian sahib’s loyalists are generic while the Junior Sharif’s loyalists are more Royal….look at The Rana, I have never heard him raise his voice however difficult questions he may get…”

“That’s it, one example?”

“He is the most visible on the national scene the others are not well known while Mian sahib has an entire list of loyalists who are visibly in the public arena but are generic if you know what I mean… take Dar sahib, an accountant…, then you have Khawaja Asif, the guy may lose his seat in the next elections, then there is Anousha Rehman…”

“Anousha is a powerful lady – she can put you behind bars for 14 years by calling the FIA and take away your mobile phone for daring to ask what she is up to in the court room and…”

“Hey, I doubt if she has consulted Chaudhry Nisar sahib who may have views on whether he would direct the FIA to do her bidding…speaking of Chaudhry sahib why did Dar sahib talk about the new operation instead of the Interior Minister?”

“When the Tiger is away the Ferrets will play.”

“The correct phrase is when the cat is away mice will play.”

“Indeed, but Mian sahib considers himself a Tiger and a tiger eats pretty much everything on offer in the jungle and ferrets are not on offer in the jungle, they are a domesticated animal…”

“Don’t be facetious.”