Hadiqa Kiani reacts on drug smuggling claim

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Popular British news outlet has claimed that Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani has been arrested on Heathrow airport for smuggling 2 kg of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee. 

However, Kiani rubbished all the reports and was offended over the fake claim.

Her response came immediately after Metro-UK.com, a British news website, quoted their local authorities about her arrest. The singer shunned the websites spreading news of her arrest and tweeted on Twitter to say that she is currently in Lahore.

In an interview to ARY News, Hadiqa Kiani said, “When I first heard this news, I just laughed it off but then the calls started coming from everywhere and I had to take it seriously”. She further added, “I am not in London nor do I have plans to go to London. And I dare any of you to associate drugs with my nameI am so disgusted right now! Just disgusted by this Fake news of me spreading online by so called established news media. Just shocked”.

Kiani is one of the most versatile singers of Pakistani entertainment industry and has also represented Pakistan on different platforms.

-Business Recorder