Boxer Amir Khan wants to become world champion for Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: “I want to become world champion for the people of Pakistan,” said British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan on Saturday.

Talking to a private news channel, Khan said he is working hard in the training camp at San Francisco.

Discussing his prospective opponent in the upcoming fight, Khan said nine times champion Manny Pacquiao’s name has been discussed lately by his fans and the media.

The British boxer said Pacquiao polled his fans who suggested his name for the next fight. “I have left it to my team to decide. It’ll be huge if it happens,” said the boxer.

“Pacquiao and I used to train together. We are friends but sometimes friends have to fight each other,” said Khan.

He expressed his desire to fight in April or May this year, and said he wants to visit Pakistan following his fight.

“I want to visit the people of Pakistan. Hopefully I will be back by May and engage in more charity work.”

Through the Amir Khan Foundation that he launched in 2014, the boxer has been involved in hands-on charity and humanitarianism across the globe.