Bollywood influnced my life, says Jacqueline

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Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez, who has established a career as a Bollywood actress, says that coming from a different country and culture, her journey in the Indian film industry reshaped her world completely.

Asked about how she relates to the brand as an individual, Jacqueline cited the reference of her journey in Bollywood and said: “It was not easy for me to set my path here (in Mumbai) as I come from a different country and culture. I still can remember how nervous I was when I landed in the city for the first time and was looking for a cab to reach my venue.”

“From there, to the point where I have arrived today, has changed and reshaped my life completely.”

Jacqueline, who is also known for her fashion statement, she loves wearing jeans.

“I am very adventurous and playful and I love wearing jeans as it is not only a comfort wear but also my second skin. I don’t see any difference (of gender) when it comes to comfort… So, it’s very apt.” —PinkVilla