WATCH: Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg come face to face on RAW

With only five days left to the 2017’s Royal Rumble, final episode of Monday night’s RAW segment proved to be historic as three of the biggest names in the WWE or lets say Wrestling history came face to face.

This Sunday Royal Rumble match has been called the most star studded Royal Rumble for several years and three of the fan favourites to win the Rumble shared the ring last night.

Throughout the show, the announcers build the anticipation that Bill Goldberg will make an appearance to end the show.

Goldberg did finally appear in the final segment and it didn’t exactly start well for him as he stood in the ring bleeding from the head.

Goldberg headbutted a door on his way to the ring and when he finally began to discuss the Royal, Rumble, he struggled to get his words out.

Fortunately, the WWE’s best talker Paul Heyman was on hand to emerge and make the scene run a bit smoother, later he introduced his client the beast incarnate and the man who was defeated by Goldberg in a matter of seconds, Brock Lesnar.

However an appearance from the phenom The Undertaker  was completely unexpected as he arrived in the ring to confront Lesnar and Goldberg.

The real wrestling fans who grew up watching the Monday night wars knew that, Goldberg and Undertaker sharing the ring for the first time ever was a historic scene and it could happen once again on Sunday Night.

Video Courtesy: WWEOfficial

The only thing lacking from the scene was any form of physical altercation between the three as RAW ended with nothing more than an intense stare down. -Givemesport