Ten creepiest people in history

-Camel Girl Ella Harper

Camel Girl Ella Harper

In 1870, Ella Harper was born in Tennessee. She had a very rare condition which caused her knees to bend backwards. Her preference for getting around was walking on all fours.


-Mirin Dajo, Human Pin Cushion

Mirin Dajo, Human Pin Cushion

He could pierce his body with swords and other objects without injury. He could swallow razor blades and shards of glass also without injury. His body was indestructible. Arnold started going by the stage name Mirin Dajo and performing incredible feats.


-Lucia Zarate, The Porcelain Doll

Lucia Zarate, The Porcelain Doll

Lucia was born with an extremely rare form of dwarfism. Lucia reached her full height by the time she reached one. She was only 20 inches tall.


-The Wild Men of Borneo

The Wild Men of Borneo

The Wild Men of Borneo weren’t quite from Borneo. They were from Knox County, Ohio. Hiram and Barney Davis went by their stage names Waino and Plutanor. They were only 40 inches tall but they could perform feats of strength that 300 pound strongmen would have difficulty performing.


-Prince Randian

Prince Randian

Prince Randian, also known as “The Snake Man” and “The Human Torso”, was born without any limbs; a condition called tetra-amelia syndrome. P.T.


-Francesco Lentini, The King

Francesco Lentini, The King

Francesco Lentini was born with three legs, four feet, and sixteen toes. He also had two sets of male genitalia. All three of his legs were different lengths which made walking difficult but not impossible. He was known to kick footballs with his third leg.


-Fanny Mills, Bigfoot

Fanny Mills, Bigfoot

Fanny Mills suffered from Milroy disease. It was an extremely rare disease that caused a buildup of fluids in her lower extremities. Neither of her parents nor her siblings suffered from Milroy disease. Fanny’s feet grew to an enormous size–17 inches in length. She wore a custom made size 30 shoe.


-Cristian Ramos, Lionel the Lion

Cristian Ramos, Lionel the Lion

Cristian was born in Poland in he 1890s. He had long, thick hair covering his entire body. His mother was horrified by the sight of her child and believed he was some sort of monster caused by her witnessing his father’s death when she was pregnant. Cristian was sold at the young age.


-Lady Myrtle Corbin, Four-Legged Girl

Lady Myrtle Corbin, Four-Legged Girl

Lady Myrtle Corbin was born with two pelvises and two sets of external and internal genitalia. It was a rare condition known as dipygus. She had eight brothers and sisters who were normal.


-Grady Stiles, Lobster Boy

Grady Stiles, Lobster Boy

He was born with ectrodactyly, a condition which fused his fingers and toes together so they appeared like large claws. He couldn’t walk so he learned to crawl using his elbows.