Here’s the reason behind dim lights in airplanes before takeoff

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WEB DESK: If you have ever mistaken dim lights in airplane before takeoff with nap time, you need to read this. The reason behind it is that the dim lights could save lives in case of emergency. 

The dimmed lights are the flight precaution that help passenger’s eyes to adjust quickly in case of any emergency. Also, Alice Theriault, service director for Air Canada wrote in a press statement that “It takes time to go from brightly lit cabin environment to pitch black and it would need time to focus and see the evacuation slide” adding,”In a case of an emergency we require to have all the seconds on our side and it is one of them that is taken to keep our customers safe”.

The speckles your eyes see, in a dark place after being in a light place to adjust your sight in a dark place is called dark adaptation. Moreover, it takes around 20 minutes to be able to visual in a dark room. If the lights are brighter it would take longer for eyes to adjust that is why dimming the lights could make ‘dark adaptation’ time shorter.

The dim lights are not only add valuable time to evacuation process but it makes the strain on your eyes easier, if you need to look outside or locate signs. An airline pilot, Patrick Smith, told The Telegraph that, “It helps you to stay oriented”.

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