Afghanistan wants to ease tensions with Pakistan: Abdullah

Afghanistan wants to limit tensions with Pakistan, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has said, after ties between the two countries further strained over several issues including Kabul’s blame game policy. 

Abdullah made the remarks during a meeting in his office with the European Union representative, Franz-Michael Skjold Melbin, Abdullah office said.

“Afghanistan and the national unity government want to ease tensions in their relations with Pakistan,” Abdullah said.

He emphasised that the two countries should fight against existing threats considering their shared interests and utilises the economic opportunities for growth and development in the region.

Afghanistan and Pakistan have continued to have tense political relations. Afghanistan has adopted the policy to shift blame on Pakistan after it failed to deal with the security situation.

Last week the Kandahar police chief, General Raziq, blamed Pakistan for the suicide bombing which killed five UAE diplomats and six other people. Raziq, who was inside the guestroom but mysteriously went out just three minutes before the bomb exploded and killed the diplomats and injured the governor.

Taliban had denied any involvement and blamed internal rift in the ranks of the officials in Kandahar.