‘Tez Rikshaw’ by careem launches in Karachi and Lahore

WEB DESK: After successful car hailing services by Careem, they have launched ‘Tez Rikshaw’ services in Karachi and Lahore as a pilot experiment. 

Since the ‘Rikshaw’ is the medium way of traveling across Pakistan. Careem’s ‘Tez Rikshaw’ will be cheaper in rates and it’s convenient service will minimize the heavy traffic on roads. Also, it will provide a healthier environment.

The base rate of Rs. 60 and a minimum fare of Rs. 75 will ‘Tezz Rikshaw’ charge.

The Managing Director of Careem said,”Rickshaws are the transport lifeline for Pakistan’s urban populace. They operate out of stands, which makes for highly inefficient dispatching. We are doing a pilot project to see how well our technology can help accentuate the incomes of rickshaw drivers and provide a more economical option for commuters, woven with the ease that our technology provides”.

The Careem management said that they will never compromise on quality and determined to provide better services with trained captains along with fully equipped vehicles.

Meanwhile, Uber, the rival has introduced Uber auto service in the same big cities of Pakistan. Now, Careem is all set to jump in the competition.

Note: This article was originally published in techjuice.pk