Some of your health issues may link with your birth month

WEB DESK: It is strange to discuss it but the Asthma and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder specialists have suggested that there may be a link between a person’s health and his/her birth month. 

Also, the scientist of Columbia University have invented an algorithm which has potential to describe that a person’s month and their possible risk for disease. It’s mean the people who were born in May have less chance of chronic diseases than those who were born in October.

Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti, the study’s senior author and an assistant professor of biomedical information at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and Columbia’s Data Science Institute, said,”This data could be proved helpful for scientists to discover new disease risk factors” adding,”There is no need of getting nervous over the results even after finding prominent similarities because the overall disease risk is not extremely high. It is less when it is compared with prominent aspects like exercise and diet”.

Dr. Tatonetti and his team mates referred to New York City’s medical databases to match around 1,688 diseases with the date of births along with medical histories of 1.7 million patients who had got treatment from New York’s Presbyterian Hospital/CUMC in years between 1985 to 2013. The researchers have found that over 1,600 firm associations and confirmed around 39 links that were presented previously, they have also discovered around 16 new associations.

Hence, if a person was born in July and October, he may has higher risk with asthma. and when it reached to ADHD, one in every 675 diagnoses were linked with person who was born in New York in November. The study also suggests people who were born in March may face the highest risk for congestive heart failure, mitral valve disorder and atrial fibrillation.

A lead author of study and graduate student at Columbia, Mary Regina Boland, says,’We are working tirelessly to help physicians to solve major clinical problems using this new wealth of data”.

Furthermore, the findings of Columbia University are similar with the study done in Austria, Sweden and Denmark. For example, the relation of asthma risk and July/October birthdays is same as the Danish research that tells a link between asthma risk and May/August birthdays. Lastly, a study carried out in Sweden found that ADHD rates are higher in children who were born in November.

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