iPhone will have a major upgrade in 2017

WEB DESK: The rumors are circulating about Apple’s next iPhone in 2017 that it will have three versions along with a 5.5 inch model between iPhone’s current 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch handsets. 

According to a report of Japanese blog Mac Otakara that these models will boast identical features. It is rumored that iPhone’s 5 inch model will have dual lens camera along with iSight modules that would be arranged vertically instead of horizontally.

Also, it was rumored for a while that Apple is working on next versions of their iPhone however, the reports said those versions will not have same specifications.

Moreover, it was suggested by some that the largest model will be named as iPhone Pro, which will have a feature of cured OLED display, 4k resolution and other premium features.

Recently, a report in Wall Street, Journal highlighted that Apple is testing more than 10 diverse prototypes for its upcoming smartphone.

-File photo

-File photo

It is rumored that Apple is removing physical home button and there will be a touch sensitive digital button.

Also, rumors also uncovered that Wires charging, eye-scanning technology along with dual-lens camera will be featured on next models.

Moreover, the 2017 model would be called iPhone 7s based on Apple’s well developed ‘tick-tock’ cycle which indicates that Apple is releasing a new and different design yearly. Also, new features in similar casing on alternate years which are Apple’s ‘s’ models.

The rumors also said that the company is moving towards three year cycle regarding major iPhone refreshes.

Therefore, on the 10th anniversary, which is in next year, Apple’s 2017 model will upgrade greatly. Apple will not follow the old trend and it will be called the iPhone 8.

Note: The article was originally published in mirror.co.uk.