Grammy-award winner Bieber voted as 2016’s worst Celebrity Neighbour

WEB DESK: It is unbelievable that Grammy-award winner Justin Bieber is voted as the worst celebrity neighbor of 2016.

Each year, online real estate market place ask American adults about which celebrity they want as their neighbor. and this is year, it is strange that Americans do not want, ‘Sorry’ creator, Justin Bieber as their neighbor. The results may have number of reasons behind it.

Back in 2014, the famous singer topped the list as well and had pricked a neighbor’s house not only this, he had to made settlement regarding vandalism charge by giving 80,000$.

-File photo

-File photo

However, this year, he managed to secure top place too and it is also the highest in survey’s history as well. Moreover, one in three participants considered him as the worst neighbor. Whereas, he was more disliked neighbor among male participants.

Lastly, the survey was conduct between 8th and 9th December in U.S on behalf of real estate site and the sample was 1,000 adults from age 18 and over.