Five things you should give up to be ‘successful’

WEB DESK: Have you ever wondered why you’re not reaching your next level in business and life? It is because you are not giving up few things or habits which create hurdle in your success. 

There are certain things that are universal, which, if you give up on them, you will be successful, even though each one of us could have a different definition of ‘success’.

Some of them you can give up today if you want. Here are five things to give up for more success:

– Unhealthy Lifestyle

Health is something to be valued, invested in and taken seriously. If you want to achieve anything in life, everything starts here. First you have to take care of your health, there are only two things you need to keep in mind:

1. Healthy Diet
2. Physical Activity

Giving up unhealthy lifestyle leads you towards success.

– Give up the fixed mindset

In a fixed mindset, people believe that their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits and that talent alone creates success , without effort. No, they’re wrong.

Successful people invest an immense amount of time on a daily basis to develop a growth mindset, acquire new knowledge, learn new skills so that it can benefit their lives.

Remember, who you are today, it’s not who you have to be tomorrow.

– Don’t believe in the Magic Bullet

Successful people know that making small continuous improvement every day, will be compounded over time, and give them desired results.

You should plan for the future, but to focus on the day that’s ahead of you by not believing on any magic bullet.

Always remember that overnight success is a myth.

– Give up ‘Being Perfect’

Always favor progress over perfection.

Sometimes we try to show the world that we are flawless in hopes that we will be liked and accepted by everyone.  But we can’t please everyone, and we shouldn’t try. It’s an unhealthy quest to make your work flawless in order to earn approval and acceptance from others.

There is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not.  You are perfectly imperfect just the way you are.

– Dependency on Social Media and Television

Impulsive web browsing and television watching is a disease of today’s society. These two should never be an escape from your life or your goals. They divert your time and attention away from producing work that matters and toward convincing the world that you matter.

Unless your goals depend on either, you should minimise your dependency on them.  

Bottom Line:

And remember, the road you are traveling may be the more challenging one, but don’t lose faith. Ignore the doubters !!