What’sApp launched a video calling feature for Android, Windows users

WEB DESK: What’sApp has launched a video calling feature for Android and windows users. This feature will work like Skype and Facetime.  

Here are the few steps given that will enable Windows and Android users to make their first ever video call.

1- Firstly, you need to head towards contact list. Select the person you want to make video call with.

2- It is necessary that the person also has the latest What’sapp video calling feature.

3- Next step is to tap on the phone icon on the top side of the screen that will lead to the popup menu.

4- Lastly, form the popup menu, you need to choose video calling option.

Also, the company prefer to hear about video calling experience (which required around four people in beta). If you do not have such update, you can quickly join beta program.

For Android, you need to go to Google Play Store, open WhatsApp or search it. Once you are on the WhatsApp page, go down where it says “Become a beta tester tap on I’M In”, confirm action on next page then wait for minutes.

In the last, come back to What’sApp page on the Play Store to find an update option. The feature will be available to you, once you update the app.