Waseem Akhtar arrived at office after captivity

KARACHI: Mayor of Karachi and representative of Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) Waseem Akhtar arrived at his office after months of captivity today on Thursday, Aaj News reported.  

As reported, the mayor first reached at Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) to attend the hearing of 12th May incident. The court adjourned the hearing till 26 November.

Sources said the mayor arrived at his office, KMDC building where he was welcomed warmly. The deputy mayor Arshad Wahrah was also presented at the office.

While talking to media Waseem thanked people for the support through out the hurdles. The mayor asked Sindh government when they will start to work for people? adding that,”We will work for Karachi jointly” reportedly.

“We will work to eliminate terrorism and for the lasting peace in the metropolis”, said Akhtar.