Urwa would choose Fawad over Ranbir, any day

WEB DESK: Mawra and Urwa are like two peas in a single Pakistani showbiz pod. This sister duo is inseparable and support each other to no end. But still, the sisters do not agree on one thing. On the matter of their favorite actors!

As we all know Mawra is a hardcore Ranbir fan, her sister Urwa holds a slightly different opinion. On a latest trend on Twitter started by the Hocane sisters, hash-tagged as #AskMawra and #AskUrwa, the fans are allowed to ask any question they want to, and Hocane shall answer.

Asked by one of the fans about her favorite actor, between Fawad and Ranbir Kapoor, Urwa chose Fawad easily, and said she would choose him any day over Ranbir.

Here is the original tweet: