This smart phone’s battery works for more than 31 hours

WEB DESK: One of the downfalls of owning a smart phone is the constant recharge that one has to do in order to stay connected to the world. Generally, a smart phone is usually charged twice or thrice throughout a day. But what if there was a phone, that did not need charging for more than a day?

It turns out some smartphones will die after just 180 minutes of browsing the web – not what you want from a modern phone.

According to the New York Post, HTC 10 is the smart phone with longest battery life.

The $575 phone took a whopping 1,859 minutes of continuous talk time to run out of battery – that’s just one minute short of 31 hours.

Coming in as the worst buy for battery life was the EE Rook, which will run out of juice within three hours of browsing the web.