This man spent $9 Million for a number plate

WEB DESK: Dubai and its residents are known for their lavish lifestyles around the world. One of its resident, Indian property developer Balwinder Sahni, who calls himself a simple man, has spent $9 Million dollar on a single numbered license plate, reports Time. 

Owner of two Rolls Royce, Sahni paid the government auction the hefty amount for the number plate which has a single digit, ‘5’.

Athough this was not the first time Sahni spent such a lavish amount for a license plate. According to CNN, Sahni previously paid $6.7 Million for another license plate for his other Rolls Royce, which is numbered, ‘9’.

Although, Sahni’s payments are quite large, they pale in comparison to the $14 million an Abu Dhabi businessman paid at a charity auction for a license plate baring the number “1” in 2008.

Since Dubai has no income tax, Sahni says he sees the hefty license plate purchases as his contribution to the public coffers. He says he believes the money will go to charity and toward improving the city’s infrastructure.

“I believe in giving back,” he said. “This city has given me a lot.”