Sir Creek and Siachen: Pakistan, India were near agreement: Musharraf

WEB DESK : Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that Pakistan and India during his tenure had completed the survey of Sir Creek and agreed on the demarcation line in Siachen.

He said Panama Leaks have brought a bad name to the rulers. In an interview with a private TV channel, the former President said that he did not ask the then Prime Minister to go to Washington and ask President Clinton to use his good offices for cease-fire in Kargil.

He said during his government, Pakistan enjoyed great respect at the international level and internal economic situation was strong and our GDP growth was more than India. In reply to a question, Musharraf said his conscience is clear that he did not commit corruption of a single paisa and if it is proved against him or his family he was ready to answer that. He said he did not have a dollar account offshore.

He said he stayed in London in the house of a friend Brigadier Niaz for six months which is located in a posh area of the city because he had no money to pay for the rent. The former President disclosed that after a few months of leaving Pakistan, he went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra and King Abdullah then asked me where I am staying. He said where he is staying now is due to King Abdullah who considered him as a younger brother and given him a big amount by opening a bank account in my name in London. He said a team of Saudi officials came to me at midnight and got my signatures on papers to open the bank account. He said after that he started lectures and for every forty minute lecture he got between one lakh to 1.5 lakh dollars. He said he even gave lectures in India and charged them but did not claim any money from TV interviews.-INP