Panama papers: SC adjourns hearing till Nov 17

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday has adjourned the hearing regarding the Panama Leaks petitions till Nov 17  (Thursday) , Aaj News reported. 

A five-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali is hearing the case.

The counsels of the Prime Minister and his children submitted before the court the documents in support of their concise statements furnished before the apex court in the last hearing. The court in its order said the copies of the documents should be exchanged with the parties for examination and review.

Akram Sheikh, the counsel of Prime Minister’s children presented before the court the supplementary concise statement of Maryam Nawaz. She submitted 400- pages documents in top court today. These documents contained details of PM’s property, factories and other taxes.

During the hearing, Advocate Tariq Asad who is representing the Sharif family argued that the apex court should not deal the case promptly as justice would not be served then. Negating the argument CJ expressed that justice would be served. He exclaimed that if the court takes up corruption issue from 1947, it would take two decades for completion of investigations.

CJ Jamali also said that the investigations into any allegation of corruption was not the mandate of the court as local courts are effective for that purpose.

He said that as many as 700 pages were submitted by PTI whereas the Sharif family submitted a 1600 pages response. The court had received documents and now a commission would be constituted to probe into the matter, he added.

Moreover, Justice Azmat Saeed said that the documents submitted by PTI had no link with the case. The press clippings could not be presented as evidence, he claimed.

Anwar Zaheer Jamali adjourned the hearing till November 17.

Earlier on Monday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) submitted documents against the Sharif family in the Panama Leaks case in the Supreme Court. Submitted through Advocate Naeem Bokhari and on-record advocate Akhtar Ali Chaudhary, the 686-page document claimed that the Sharif family has laundered a sum of Rs 145 million since 1988 in order to evade taxes.

The documents contained details of bank accounts and loans written off. Details of 19 off-shore companies have also been included in the documentary evidence. Sheikh Rashid also submitted documentary evidence of 600 pages against PM Nawaz.