Recipe of the day: Chicken Cheese Crepes


  • All-purpose flour 1 cup
  • Butter 2 tbsp (melted)
  • Milk ¾ cup
  • Eggs 2
  • Water ½
  • Coriander 1 tbsp (ground)
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Garlic 1/8 tsp
  • Extra butter or oil as required
  • For Filling:
  • Chicken 1-½ cup
  • Chili powder ½ tsp
  • Lemon juice 1 tsp
  • Yogurt ¼ cup
  • Pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Cumin powder ½ tsp
  • For Creamy Sauce:
  • Butter 1 tbsp
  • Onion 1 (finely chopped)
  • All purpose flour 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper powder 1 tsp
  • Mushroom optional (sliced, stir fried)
  • Potatoes 1 tbsp (boiled, cubes)
  • Coriander leaves 2 tbsp (chopped)
  • Green chili 1 (chopped)
  • Milk ½ cup

Cooking Directions

  1. In a pan mix milk, eggs and water whisk well.
  2. Add eggs mixture in to flour mix till no lump remains.
  3. Then add coriander, salt, garlic and melted butter mix to incorporate all.
  4. Now a thin batter is ready, heat thick bottom pan and heat it with ½ tsp of butter or oil.
  5. Take ¼ measuring cup and fill it with batter and pour on pan.
  6. Hold the pan and swirl it in round to spread batter in a thin layered roti as much as you could.
  7. Cook till done, turn the side of crepe to cook.
  8. Do same process with remaining batter and make all crepes.
  9. For Filling: Slice chicken on to thin strips and marinate with all ingredients for a while.
  10. Cook on a pan till chicken tenderized.
  11. For Creamy Sauce: In a pan add butter and melt then fry onion until translucent.
  12. Add all purpose flour stir add salt and peppe also add milk by stirring, mix till form a thicken sauce.
  13. Add chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, coriander leaves and green chilies mix well.
  14. Filling is ready now place filling on crepe and roll up.