President for complete adoption of Iqbal’s teachings

President Mamnoon Hussain has underlined the need for complete adoption of the teachings of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, which not only provide guidance to the nation in all spheres of life, but also offer solution to the problems of modern times.

He said Iqbal’s thoughts also provided best panacea to the ills of extremism and could counter the negative propaganda against the Muslims.

In a message on the occasion of Iqbal’s Day being celebrated on Wednesday, the President lauded the contributions of the Poet of East and the great thinker in the creation of Pakistan. He urged the nation to fully avail Iqbal’s thoughts, thus turning the motherland and the world a beautiful place.

The President recollected the greatest services of Allama Iqbal for the revival of nation through his powerful thoughts. He said at that time, the Muslims in Indo-Pak Sub-continent were undergoing hard times, and on the other hand, the situation for the Muslim Ummah was not very pleasant.

Under such ordeals, Iqbal was the personality who steered the Muslims of the Indo-Pak Sub-continent and the whole Muslim Ummah from the darkness of haplessness through his candid analysis and poetry.

The President said the West also benefited from Iqbal’s thoughts and acknowledged his greatest contributions for the revival of nations. -PR

-Business Recorder