Partly Facetious: Zardari sahib different from the rest

“Imran Khan eat your heart out!”

“I knew you were a nawala but such sentiments are a bit much don’t you think!”

“I don’t think so, it’s a validation of what our Prime Minister has been doing all along and as you know the Khan never lets an opportunity go by without forming some non-parallels between democracy as we practice it and the way the West practices it and need I add…”


“Well that democracy a la Nawaz Sharif style leaves a lot to be desired as he appoints those who are close to him, and not on merit, and that family members are to be preferred over and above others.”

“I thought these days a samdhi (two men related because their children are married) trumps a real brother.”

“Hey, don’t try to create friction where there is no friction anyway as you and I know Zardari sahib also favours a policy of rewarding supporters with jobs when in power and…”

“OK, but the Khan hasn’t engaged in nepotism in appointments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa though there are indications that the situation is different within the party.”

“Ah no, that’s not why I said Khan eat your heart out. Do you know that Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter and her husband were present during the US President-Elect’s meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and that’s a clear conflict of interest and…”

“Hmmm, so that justifies Maryam Nawaz’s position in Mian sahib’s household?”

“Well, not household, no one can take away the position she has as his first born, as one of his heirs, as…”

“Household in our politics also includes the kitchen cabinet or else why would cabinet members spend so much time defending the Panama papers which is a personal legal issue…”

“Nothing is personal in politics.”

“And trade.”


“Nothing is personal in our politics and trade and that my friend accounts for the decline in our exports.”

“I thought the decline was due to flawed policies and…”

“Samdhi trumps all.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake.”

Source: Business Recorder