PARTLY FACETIOUS: Zardari also appointed woman info minister

“So a woman Minister of Disinformation?”

“Right, and all those who accuse Mian sahib of being a sexist smoke that in your pipe!”

“I remember Zardari sahib also appointed a woman Minister with that portfolio – Firdous Ashiq Awan – and if you recall that position prompted her to wear fancy heels and she twisted her ankle landing in the hospital. So I would like to take a moment to advise Maryam Aurengzeb to be pragmatic in terms of heels and…”

“Oh man you are so shallow.”

“I am concerned about the health of a federal minister and you consider that shallow! What are you a Zardi or a Khanzadeh?”

“Neither, but I would like to remind you that both the women Awan and Aurengzeb were given the portfolio as and when their male predecessors were made the sacrificial lamb – OK the Zardi Minister was sacrificed to his benefactor’s policy not to allow anyone to get too comfortable, I mean the numbers who were appointed, replaced then reappointed in some instances during 2008-13 is legendary. Mian sahib on the other hand only replaces his trustees for an interim period, I emphasize, interim period, and the duration of the interim period is dictated by others if you know what I mean.”

“Don’t complicate the issue the fact remains that we have one more woman federal minister, that makes three, and before you accuse Mian sahib of being sexist I have it on good authority that he supports his daughter’s bid for power and last I heard she is a woman and…”

“The First Daughter is currently in talks with her lawyer who is a former attorney general and…”

“Is he charging the First Family the proverbial one rupee, remember that’s the amount that Gilani paid Aitzaz Ahsan?”

“That’s confidential information, but that’s what I can’t understand about the opposition….for Pete’s sake assets and wealth are confidential information – if you cannot understand that then the First Family may emigrate to the US if Trump wins and…”

“Hillary’s husband as per FBI pardoned a tax evader in 2005.”

“OK, it’s US irrespective of who wins.”

“Don’t be facetious.”

Source: Business Recorder