PARTLY FACETIOUS: Who is ‘we’ that you refer to?

“The end of an era…”

“Right, but there is one thing that we, even after centuries, and need I add after decades of British rule, have yet to learn…”

“Two questions: who is ‘we’ that you refer to? And is the lesson learnt: don’t cooperate with the British?”

“We as in those who are at the helm of affairs; and lesson learnt cannot be don’t cooperate with the British – I mean there is the case of Imran Farooq’s murder in the UK, yep hasn’t come to anything, money laundered yep that case is closed, oh yes the Nato supplies exiting through Pakistan, yep that we probably will allow if the price is right and…”

“Helm of affairs?”

“Well, be they civilian leaders or former military strongmen they own property in London, wear suits stitched in the West, go to hospitals in the US or Europe, enjoy restaurants in London.”

“Musharraf says he was given money by the Saudi king to buy property and…”

“I wonder whatever happened to the book deal from which he netted millions of dollars?”

“Didn’t he give it to the Pakistani poor, as he promised?”

“I never heard of it, now unless he gave that money the Muslim way – you know gave with his right hand with the left not knowing anything about it…”

“That’s it! But going back to the Brits, Boris Johnson was in town and I ask one question: doesn’t his hair remind you of someone?”

“Well, certainly not Mian sahib.”

“Don’t be facetious, some men have hair and some don’t and given the technology today those without hair can easily supplement it.”

“Not that easily unless it’s a toupee, I hear hair transplant is painful and for the short term and…”

“Short-term? I hear it stays in place for a few years.”

“Let’s say Dr Ahsan Iqbal’s long-term visions won’t apply. Anyway Johnson’s hair reminds me of Trump.”

“Ah yes indeed, if there is a link between the hair volume and power, the transplant maybe considered.”

“Reconsidered, it’s been done at least once.”


Source: Business Recorder