PARTLY FACETIOUS: Trump came up with conciliatory speech

“So Trump trumped all.”

“Well, I would say the Chinese monkey that forecast a Trump win trumped all the pollsters.”

“Indeed and need I add that I was gratified to see the abuse hurled by both Clinton and Trump against each other.”

“Gratified? I thought you would be tsking, tsking…”

“Well, gratified because our leaders hurl similar abuses against each other.”

“But there is a difference: our political leaders hurl abuse at each other twelve months a year while in the US they wait for election time…”

“And you should appreciate it as our politicians keep in practice, and you and I know practice makes perfect.”

“Don’t be facetious.”

“I think there is another major difference: in the US the concession speech is a tradition and the loser may be in tears but he or she is gracious about losing while the winner is gracious about winning – even Trump came up with a gracious winning speech. Now take Pakistan I don’t know of any election where the results have not been challenged by the losers…”

“And if you are looking at 2018 as the election where this trend of allegations and counter allegations will not take place then you have another thing coming. Our worthy parliamentarians have made no changes in the process of elections or dealt with the advantage of an existing government over the process of elections…”

“If you are going to propose that we begin to use computers like in the US then I would urge you to reconsider because chances of hacking into the computer are high.”

“Why do you always see the glass as half empty?”

“If you are seeing the glass as half full then let me remind you that in this country a fake notification was issued giving 9 November, Iqbal day as a holiday and…”

“I still see the glass as half full my friend because I was really looking forward to yet another national holiday, needed to rest up after a hard week…”

“What hard week? 9 November was a Wednesday – you had just worked for two days this week…”

“Ah, but it is getting difficult to get up early in the morning in this cold.”

“I give up.”

Source: Business Recorder