Partly Facetious: The ‘Supermoon’

“What’s the latest?”

“Supermoon, and I loved it, it was so beautiful and so very, very captivating.”

“Are you being allegorical?”

“No, whatever made you think that?”

“Well, you are a journalist, an old time print media journalist, and their skills were honed in the forge of pragmatism – pragmatism as developed during military dictatorships and need I add some civilian dictatorships and…”

“Civilians don’t have dictatorships in this country – however smart they may think they are civilians don’t have the ability to look at all matters…I emphasise the word ability not to be confused with capacity… if you know what I mean. Civilians act like dictators only within their own party, once in government somehow their options are more limited.”

“That’s normal. If you think Trump is going to be able to do most of what he promised during elections that ain’t gonna happen – the US establishment will make sure of that I reckon.”

“But here our governments change the senior bureaucrats and bring in their own trusted people so…”

“And God said there was light and there was solar illumination.”

“I don’t get your logic.”

“It’s a quote from a book written by a journalist who argued that a journalist must not over obsess about using the same word more than once… no, you still don’t understand…OK you may use a different word for spade but a spade remains a spade.”

“Over obsess?”

“It’s an occupational hazard, journalists obsess about using a different word if it has to be used twice in one sentence, lawyers obsess about delay if their client is guilty, politicians obsess about votes even when the next elections are not due for a year and a bit and…”

“That I get… you mean like Mian sahib’s announcement that he would give one million new gas connections when there is not enough gas for existing gas connections.”

“Precisely, like his decision not to raise oil and gas prices.”

“And the Treasury…”

“Hey, there is a whole world out there that we can borrow from if we give them double the incentive, and by that I mean double the market rate of return.”

“Don’t be facetious.”